The aim of this project work has been to visualize the data about home utilities(electricity, hot water, cold water) consumtion over a period of time. Based on the source data and the assignment, I have started by contructing the visualization pipeline(Fig.1) for a better understanding of the process and as a reference for the ongoing work.

The innitial data(Raw) contained a variety of values for different time periods and also with a different step. For this particular visualization I have focused on a two months hourly data. The values for each of the selected utilities was in separate files, therefore I have applied some data transformation by merging it into one structure that could be further used as a source for the visualization(data tables).


My goal was to visualize the data in a way that will allow comparison between different utilities, however plotting on the same axis values of different types could create confusion. Therefore was needed a way of converting the data to be of the same type. I have chosen to represent the consumed data by the amount of expenses that it actually causes, which would facilitate the comparison between different values.For this I have multiplied the value of each utility to it's most recent cost(in Stockholm.)

The price conversion is as follows

Electrcity price = 1.2 SEK per kW
Cold Water price = 18 SEK per kW
Warm Water price = 48 SEK per kW

The resulting visualization is presented bellow


In the center of the chart, is a pulsating gradient that indicates if for this specific day any of the utilities expenses is higher than the corresponsing average values. If for instance the expense of electricity is higher than the average dayly expenditure,the pulsating gradient will be yellowish. In the center of the graph is indicated the current date and week day.

Another purpose of the project was to create a piece of art combined with an ambient visualization of important information. I have tried to achieve this through a minimalistic design and smooth transitions.

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Project Datasheet

  • home-utilities
  • ambient art
  • IoT
Applied Skills






Project Date
March 2015
Royal Institute Of Technology (KTH),
Information Visualization Module.