This project has been part of the Business Development Lab course at KTH and aimed on developing an innovative product in ICT as well as shaping it into a business opportunity.

We have performed an analyses of the market, determined the potential user groups, performed interviews for collecting initial data, iterated through a number of prototypes each time adjusting it based on the feedback collected from the customers as well as participated in various start-up events for discussing further development opportunities with potential investors.

The product concept that we came up with was Locco, a location based messaging app that would allow to connect instantly with the people in your direct surroundings and share media content.

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Project Datasheet

  • phone app
  • location-based
  • innovation
Applied Skills

Business Modeling

User Research

Interface Design

Android Development

Project Date
Sept–Dec 2015
Royal Institute Of Technology (KTH),
Bussiness Labs module.